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Nikki “706nix” McKnight is one of the top emcees of her era. The Columbus, GA native stepped on the scene commanding attention with her honest, raw rhymes and skillful ability to paint vivid pictures with words. At first, rapping was just a pass time hobby. It was not until a friend encouraged her to take it serious and develop it into a full-blown craft. After recording her first song, she discovered her talent and passion for recording. The reflective track "Who Am I," put Nikki’s life into perspective and set the foundation for what she does best; translate her life experiences into catchy songs that anyone can relate to. She credits artist JAY-Z as her favorite and biggest influence. She possesses versatility that allows her to create music for people from all walks of life and continues to make a name for herself not only in music, but in the fashion lane. She runs the FIEcrū Apparel line, which is also making a name for itself around the world. Nikki McKnight continues to prove that she can master whatever she sets her mind and heart to do. She certainly possesses a name and brand that you should get familiar with if you aren't already.

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