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...if you’re a fan of real, heartfelt, insightful and intuitive hip hop, through and through, you need to hear this.

Rebecca Cullen - Stereo Stickman

Dear Ruby is saturated with such a wholesome honesty—an integrity in its message—that it’s an Dear Ruby is saturated with such a wholesome honesty—an integrity in its message—that it’s an absolute must for fans of music of any genre.absolute must for fans of music of any genre. 

Chad Earnest - Stereo Stickman

One to always be on top of her game when it comes to spittin over another rappers beat, Nikki McKnight takes it to the woods and a delivers some menacing bars over the classic Freeway, "What We Do" instrumental. With lines like "W's will make the stress fade/Never been to Cali, can't show you where an L.A." (get it?).... keeps her standing out from the rest.

Motzy - Join Da Crowd

“Taking it back to the 90’s, telling a story, addressing life’s situations, and social issues. Nix made sure she delivered something to discuss and raise eyebrows.”

Magi Love - Get Lifted Entertainment

“Staying focused on her music, educating herself along the way, and showing support worldwide, is why Nikki McKnight has consistently excelled in her journey. She’s giving us emotional, motivational, and straight from the heart tracks”

Magi Love - Get Lifted Entertainment

“McKnight’s laid-back voice captivates on singles like “Road Trippin” and “Motivation,” paving the way for her EPisodes EP to drop in July. On stage she pauses between songs to let the audience know she loves every single one of them. But when the beat drops, she’ll run ’em down if they dare stand in her path on the way to the top.”

Hannah Fleming - Creative Loafing

“Produced by K. I. Step into a few crucial moments in Nix's life as she expresses the pain and adversity of dealing with family issues, and the car accident that she was in as well as a few other things. Through it all though, everything's gonna be alright is now the motto and the path she's on with her music will soon garner the success she's so deserving of.”

Motzy - JoinDaCrowd

“Columbus, Georgia beat banga Nikki McKnight has consistently put in work establishing herself more and more as a serious contender in this rap game.”

Rated Real TV

“I got a chance to hear the song and I thought it was dope! The track was something I could vibe to and it kept me wanting to listen to more which is not easy for me.”

Shani Hargett - Let's Talk About It Media

“Nikki paints a picture so vivid, the listener can visualize everything that she's saying while being able to enjoy fun and catchy tune. This is definitely one you can enjoy in the club, at home, or while "Road Trippin" yourself.”

Kareem Williams - ThisIs50

“Nix has a skill for putting together great songs such as “Motivation” and “Special”, and this song is no exception she knows how to structure this song and tell a story from how she put together the video filled with memories of her grind and music career through photos and video, but with out without the video you can paint that picture. Nix is able to switch up the flow, and she delivers her lyrics with true emotion.”

Tammy Johnson - Phoenixstar9 Online Featured Artist

“The emerging femcee reminds our writers of a modern day LaChat or Gangsta Boo with her lyrical style.”


"...this female emcee's mastery of hitting bulls-eyes with each beat and bringing more of her tempting truth of lyrical soliloquy, Nix is the chick who will own your playlist."

BWD Magazine - BWD Magazine

“Nikki “706nix” McKnight is on her way to being one of the top female emcees of her era. The Columbus, Georgia native is one of the latest female rappers to step on the scene commanding attention with her honest and raw rhymes, with her skillful ability paint vivid pictures with each verse.”

musicviplist - The VIP of Music/ Nikki “Nix” McKnight New Single “Special”

“The McKnight Files features songs that have a lot of heart,courage, and honesty which she showcases on the high energy and hi-hat heavy track, “Motivation”, as well as the sonically refreshing “S.O.S”.”

Phoenixstar9 - MIXTAPE REVIEW: Nikki McKnight - The McKnight Files

“Spitting pure, uncut hip hop on every track Nix is sure to make a fan out of you and yours. Don’t try to put her in a box because of where she’s from though. Her sound is versatile and her lyrics are mature and thoughtful. Nix shows that female emcees can go back to that hardcore spittin’ and real life subject matter without having to rely on image alone.”

Strat Carter - INDUSTRY TALK: Nikki ‘Nix’ McKnight is Blazing a Trail

“The southern spitter holds her own as she is dedicated to rapping about what she knows. As an artist inspired by some of the best female rappers in the game Nikki is ready for the world to take her seriously as an artist.”

Dominique Zonyee - MSTARS NEWS

"Nikki has one of the hottest singles in "The Underground", the title speaks for itself. Motivation"

Magi - Get Lifted Discoveries: exposing creativity and talents of shining STARS

"Nix's flow is on point, doesn't miss a beat, she spits with high self esteem and a winner take all attitude."

Phoenixstar - Song Review and Critique: (@706nix) Nikki McKnight "Sky's The Limit" 

"In a hip hop world that is inundated with over sexualized women spitting carbon copy versions of each others rhymes, Columbus, GA rapper Nikki McKnight proves to be a breath of fresh air." - Asphyxiated Bliss

E Weezy - Audio Confections

"#6 off the "No Beat Iz Safe" mixtape, 706 Nix, not only rides the hell out of this beat but she also produces it. With a crisp track, on point and direct lyrics, this is something that will be on repeat in our office for a while." - JoinDaCrowd (in reference to "Feelin Myself" single

Join Da Crowd - Nikki McKnight "Feelin Myself"

"Nikki McKnight (formerly known as Ya Gyrl Terror) is one of my favorite female artists for two main reasons: her growth and grind."

Nanci O - Nanci O Radio Show

"Nikki McKnight has some lyrical content, she has storytelling capabilities and I like her voice its laid back but cool on the tracks.

KIM - Unsigned Spotlight

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