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FIEcrū means “Family Is Everything crew”.

Welcome to my first blog entry. This is mainly to get things started and learn how to connect more with my supporters which I like to think of as family. As you all know, I’m an artist at heart. I live and love music with everything in me. My journey throughout this career has also led me to different paths. One being an artist manager, a label owner, and now owner of my a clothing line. I named the clothing line FIEcrū, an acronym for Family Is Everything crew because I am BIG on family. It’s how I was raised. My mother and her siblings raised their kids close together to the point where we are all like brothers and sisters. If you see one of us, you’re likely to see another member of our family whether it be our own sibling(s) or one of our cousins. We were and still are tightly stitched. The name “FIEcrū” was actually coined from an inside joke we have amongst each other. But anywho, this was just an introduction to me blogging and to my brand. When you have time, and I hope that is right now....check it out under the FIEcrū tab from the home page menu on my site. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ll be back soon! 🔥🐉❤️

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